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  1. ss6471
    11-30-2011 -
    Happy birthday sir
  2. Proud Indian
  3. bose
    06-30-2011 -
    save our country
  4. veekay51
    06-11-2011 -
    We can see that old and young vibrant India has so many very innovative ideas on the subject of rooting out corruption.The government is taking them is a matter to be pond ered over the reason . The only valid reason seems to be ego of those in power or is it not being accepted because it might expose the illegal money making system of the party in power or is it plain and simple no will power to do the dirty job or is it those corrupt people who are propping up this government? We need to understand one or more reason to attack those only.
  5. sunil_mishra
    04-23-2011 -
    To root out corruption we need four things abailable on internet 1- unique database of each and every citizen of india upto village label. (numberic identity may given) 2- Unique database of land record upto village lebel (who owns how much) 3- unique database of criminal records upto thana level (who is charged and how many times) 4- unique database of bank accounts (who hold how many acc)
  6. Paras Nath Singh
    04-13-2011 -
    Paras Nath Singh
    This is the time when we must have unity in each other because these rubbish politician have started to break our unity and faith by giving stupid statements. to pass lokpal bill we must believe in Anna Hazare and each other.
  7. Paras Nath Singh
    04-09-2011 -
    Paras Nath Singh
    I am difinately sure that Mr.Shanti Bhusan and Prashant Bhusan will try to draft the most appropiate bill for corruption.
  8. Admin
    04-05-2011 -
    Congrats on becoming a moderator of this forum.

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