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  1. Premchandran
    12-10-2019 -
    Please remove trash posts from the page... there are one too many.
  2. Amarnath Benjamin.M
    12-06-2013 -
    Amarnath Benjamin.M
    Is there any IAC members in Indore (M.P) to wipe the corruption in one indore based central govt. firm? Contact me at 9926031310
  3. tushar dubey
    10-24-2013 -
    tushar dubey
    I also agg the corruption Our Social Party Chhatra Samiti Also Agg The Corruption. Jai hin Jai BHarat
  4. Akshay S
    10-01-2013 -
    Akshay S
    Hi,i expected so much good works and social reforms by IAC and anna hazare but unfortunately u peoples are not doing anything.from few days there is talks regarding the ordinance about disqualifying the neta's but annaji are not expressing his views.this is very good opportunity to fight against the netas who want this ordinance to pass. i request u sincerely to oppose the ordinance to not to pass.pls pls help our country to free from corrupt netas.pls annaji do something we will support you.
  5. ajiteshbharat
    05-16-2013 -
    I Need Help From You Actually Need A Advocate Of Supreme Court Of India For File PIL In SC . Thank You .
  6. Rahulsonu
    04-13-2013 -
    corruption rechead at such a levels that it became impossible for common man survive in india ,People strength to protest to remove fear from his mind & join AAP----------------
  7. rashmi gupta
    02-12-2013 -
    rashmi gupta
    Remark of omar Abdulla on Afjal Guru 's hanging is disheartening. One feels that he belongs to other country. It seems that he wants to alienate Kashmir from rest of the country so he can remain in power till generations. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is responsible for all this mess.
  8. rashmi gupta
    02-12-2013 -
    rashmi gupta
    I am interested in joining AAP as well as India against corruption.What is the procedure?
  9. Dharmapada Bhuyan
    11-25-2012 -
    Dharmapada Bhuyan
    It is heartening that a political party AAP has been launched by Mr. Kejriwal and group involved with IAC. I wish the new born party all successes. It has been stipulated that the persons remaining present on the 26th Nov at Jantar Mantar in Delhi would only be granted the status of founding members of AAP. It would be a constrain for many people like me to be physically present at the said venue in time as we are far away. Would it not have been possible to devise some other method via internet to be enlisted as founding members of AAP? Hope this is given due consideration by the concerned authorities of AAP as well as IAC.
  10. IAC@Bipin
    11-24-2012 -
    Before Nov 26' we are fighting before elected representatives of the people in parliament but now we were forced to fight directly before court of people. we accepted this challenge and we shall abide by the decision of the supreme adalat.


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