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  1. shantana1
    04-08-2011 -
    i can contribute by writing articles and poems.will be glad to help.please let me know if can help
  2. RS Rawat
    04-08-2011 -
    RS Rawat
    This the high time for us to join together to fight corruption. I am ready do anything in my area in order to eradicate the corruption
  3. Sathasivam
    04-08-2011 -
    Hi Sir,
    May i know when start campaign in Chennai
  4. krishere
    04-07-2011 -
    Hi... Im from erode Tamilnadu and I want to organise a Candle Light march in support of Anna Hazare..... Can you pls call me and tell what all I need to do.... do we need to prepare a memo and present it to any govt. official..... what do we need to do????

    my no. is 9894103539 pls call urgently. i plan to do this on 9th apr.
  5. omkar
    03-17-2011 -
    I think you guys should link this site to other anti-corruption sites like",I came to know of from an article on India's corruption in latest issue of The Economist.
  6. indiannetizen
    03-03-2011 -
    I would like to join in this forum aas a moderator. i think i can find scoops against the nasty plays goin here..
  7. doctor99
    10-18-2008 -
    hi dear ,im really upset that you are putting career topics in the same posts where we share ideas .kindly keep a topic demarcation.
    regards ,
  8. doctor99
    10-10-2008 -
    we need form movemento consult a software enginer to make this movement a better reform movement ,
    lets collect funds ,we can out source the work to a call centre to make 5 million calls in a month .thats called mass communication.experience its power .
  9. doctor99
    10-10-2008 -
    DEAR ,im a doctor not very tech savvy but pls design a poster .i vil put them in aiims ,delhi thru my friends and also in all main medical institutes of delhi .
  10. doctor99
    10-10-2008 -
    make the site better ..make it like orkut dear needs a bit of work up ...good effort mate .god bless u .


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