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China against Corruption ( CAC )

Dear Friends,I have been going through the treads posted in last couple of days.Yes,I do agree that the movement is .....


: Oct 2012
: lucknow
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India Against corruption.

Dear Friends,I have been going through the treads posted in last couple of days.Yes,I do agree that the movement is confined to big cities and in and around New-Delhi only.Annaji is not interested in forming a political party as evident from his last interview on 1 Nov.2012.I fail to understand that why Annaji still feel that by just asking for Jan-Lokpal he can change the whole system.There are so many charges against so many people,there had been punishments given by the courts but no action.So many mercy petitions pending before the President despite the fact that these people had been condemned to Death by Supreme Court.Every year there are 100's of Terrorist Attacks by the people who are controlled by Govt's sitting outside our countries.They are our enemies,but we are more concerned for Friendly Ties instead of total boycott.Riot like situation is due between 25 07 Jan.when PAK TEAM plays in INDIA.Annaji is a respectable person and I respect him,but he must realise that we are fighting our own people and not invaders like Mughals or British-Empire.We have to create our own ARMY to fight our own people and for that we require a NEW-GOVT.within our own people and ENACT STRICT LAWS.Ensuring them to be strictly enforced.
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: Jun 2011
: vadodara,gujarat
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dear Ruchil ,u r right. Its high time to form a policy,how to select candidate as well as motto of party and constructive plan that how party is going to weed out corruption.rashmi
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: Apr 2011
: KORBA(Chattisgarh)
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we shouldn't dream to get 540 MPs of IAC in 2014 or get even a majority in paliament but definetly confident of sending enough MPs to feel their presence in parliament who will have their voice on the issues of corruption, demand to set the things right. Today 100% MPs either support corruption or seat silent under pressure of their party's guidelines. We should welcome such experienced MPs who really want a corruption free INDIA and bring them in frontline so that others will also be encouraged to do so but should be very careful of wolves.Any member who is not recommended by internal Lokpal should be taken in party irrespective of his status.
Approching corporates like Tata,Birlas and Ambanis for generating funds is creating a negative immage of IAC.
RK Sharma
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