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  1. Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    03-09-2012 -
    Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    Dear Friends,
    It is unfortunate that Congress is going to make govt. in Uttarakhand. They will make mess of the recently passed Lokayukt bill. BSP is bound to be partner to them. A strong team of IAC forum from public is required there who can expose the political managers of INC.
  2. Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    12-01-2011 -
    Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    Dear team Anna,

    We had doubts in our minds on the assurance of Mr Prime Minister and standing committee head that they will bring a strong lokpal bill in winter session. Now in present seniorio it is coming true when standing committee consisting of all party's MPs is not uninimous on the recommendations so these parties will now keep on fighting on their stands and the bill will face the same fate as earlier. Govt and oppositions will blame each other for this where as none of these want to bring such a strong bill.
    Only way left is to bring a fresh group in parliament dedicated to bring all such changes and punish the defaulters. All corrupts will get bail as per present system (as in the 2G scam) and will never be punished.
  3. Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    11-03-2011 -
    Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    Dear team Anna,

    Your efforts are now started giving result and Jan Lokpal based Loayukt bill is passed in Utarakhand which is supported by even congress. Now the next step for you is to build up a strong team of devoted public which should make all efforts to show a successful module for all other states and centre.The results of success should be publicised to encourage others. If we can't show positive results then all efoorts and movement output will be lost and one more law will be written in the books.
    I agree that there will be some failures initially but corrective action should be taken timely before they go out of track.Now youths and all others should be motivated to make use of this law and fight against corrupt beauracracy. The mindful corrupt authorities, who have been enjoying powers till date, will find some clause in the law to continue which need to plugged by way of ammendments in the bill.
    I hope for the best.
  4. Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    10-13-2011 -
    Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    Dear team Anna,
    Prime Minister reply to Shri Anna is nothing but repeating the same words about his commitment for strong Lokpal Bill which he will try in Mansoon session of parliament. This letter in a sinirio of statements of Congress party's spokesman can't be believed. Party is only buying time and we will get the same reply from Hounorable PM after the winter session that HE DOESN'T have any MAGIC STICK to pass Jan Lokpal Bill.
    As usual Congress and BJP will then blame each other and will justify their re-commitment to pass the Bill in Budget session. This process will continue till the matter dies down by itself. All present parties are involved in one or other scam and so they will never like that this bill gets through.
    The only way left for Anna team is to declare independent party in the next elections which should be committed for ALL such changes needed for corruption free India and punish these defaulters.Team Anna has to take this decision early so that they get time to organise for elections throughout India.I believe Team Anna will get full support of public for this decision and succeed.
  5. Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    09-26-2011 -
    Ramesh Kumar Sharma
    In my opinion India against corruption movement should support Baba Ramdeo as these are two complementry movements and are in national interest.Seperate movements is only pulling the matters in groups and weakening the strength.Passing of Jan Lokpal Bill only is not going to give any result unless mass awareness is not created. Rules for anti-brivery is already there but are presently ineffective due to lake of awareness.

    Support of public in mass is necessary so all such movements should unitedly work to deroute corruption. We also want to punish the corrupts and recover the loss i.e. bring back the looted money deposited in foreign banks which is the demand of Baba Ramdeo.

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