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Why Indians Live in Foreign Countries...???

i know many of my friends who are living in foreign counties , studying or doing job there , they .....

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: Oct 2008
: India
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Arrow Why Indians Live in Foreign Countries...???

i know many of my friends who are living in foreign counties , studying or doing job there ,
they all wana go bak to india but nobody actually does

is it just the craze dat we have in our mind dat just convince us to stay over here?

i dono there might be alot reason but is it worth living aa life full of tensions ??

frankly speaking i can live anywhere i want to only if my family is there with me ..

need ur views on dis

criticism will be appreciated too

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: May 2010
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As far as my point of view is, there are reasons,
1) Better life
2) Passion
3) Job requirements
4) High salaries
5) Lesser pollution
and there may be many other reasons also.
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: Jul 2011
: Coimbatore
: 34
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1)Job Oppertunities
2)Better life style
3) Calm atmosphere
4) Neatness
5) High earnings
6) Neatness
7)Enhancing the knowledge
8)Better person
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: Feb 2011
: Chandigarh
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may be any number of reasons ... but our India is the best

Proud to be Indian !!!
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: Aug 2011
: cape town
: 53
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most of the countries the indians flock to overseas have no corruption ! if that happens, it is more or less fair opportunities .............. give that to an indian and in all likelihood within one generation he will remarkably improve his lot in life ! isn't that reason enough ? here, you pay to get school admission for your child, once the child is in school, teachers will pay attention to the kids whose parents 'pamper' them, despite that if the kid finishes school with 90%, it's either a crap university or a the face of suicide ! who wants to lose their kids to the evils of the system ? this is just one of the issues ............. their is no dignity in life left in our country for 90% of the citizens - do u blame them pouring onto the streets leaving their jobs, schools, colleges to join the protest ? are we really proud of this country or we hoping to be proud of the country we will GOD willing succeed in making one day ?
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: Jun 2011
: gujarat
: 40
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ya i guess every thing is true that there is much better life,but if the corruption is stopped and whole black money brought back and invested in india then i know that no one will need to go to any foreign country.
what you guys think about that
: Aug 2011
: Hyderabad
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Then why the hell you people complain about RACISM...!?! YOU go to other countries & YOU occupy their jobs for less salaries... YOU make their life difficult in their own CORRUPTION FREE COUNTRY and when YOU are attacked, you blame the Indian Government that they are not helping to prevent such things...

Did Indian Government forced you to go there...!?! As an Indian Citizen you are free to live in any corner of our country but not in any corner of the World...
Junior Member
: Dec 2013
: Lushiana
: 14 | 0.00 Per Day

dear friend raghavwidluv u didnt say anything with luv and you are completely wrong. racism is not because somebody goes somewhere and take their jobs, racism is a different completely ting which i think you dont hav any working knowledge of neither you have experienced. it is the responsibilty of a government to protect its citizens wherever they go as lng as their citizens, why do you think its governement by the people, of the people and for the people? every democratic country in the world tries to the same for their citizens for their citizens. you need to change your perspective on things. ask me if you think i havee said anything wrong or if i misunderstood you


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