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  1. Anoop Kuksal
    09-23-2011 -
    Anoop Kuksal
    Dear Mr. Proud,
    In my opinion, all the citizen of all the countries emotionally feel proud b'coz they r borne there and get their life surrounded by it's social customs, traditions, the social governing systems thru which they live their lives. But unfortunately, by bad governance, the important instruments of the system get corrupted and it destroys all the systems and social fabrics of the society. So, the element of feeling proud remains only with some selected ones. U can't imagine the hardships being faced by the Army/ Defence personnel and other officials who lay their lives while performing their duties. Families are destroyed with the demise of their earning family members.
    The fault lies with the political system which was imposed on the Indian citizen on 15th Aug. 1947 by arrogant and incompetent leaderships. Democractic rights were given to illetrate people, majority of them living in the villages. Only handful people who were otherwise unfit for any other job, joined poltics and mismanaged the country's vital resources, economy and made it weak and devided into caste, religion, area to meet their selfish ends.
    Now, I believe that some cleaning job must be done to set the country in order and give everybody a chance to feel proud of the country which has strong character, healthy customs and traditions and is united keeping religion, caste & creed aside.
    Anoop Kuksal
  2. Summit Ensign
    08-31-2011 -
    Summit Ensign
    Hi Proud jee,

    I just posted this message a few days back...wanted to know how you feel about it...

    Please find it at -


  3. amit74
    08-21-2011 -
    very true resp.sir
    a INDIAN.
  4. Rahultomar
    04-08-2011 -
    I want to Request to all the people by this site please don't take money in the form of "Riswat" because we also need to change their views about corruption. I specially want to target to indian police please don't take "Riswat".
    03-10-2011 -
    Let's begin this movement proud to be an INDIAN.
  6. atul singh chauhan
    03-02-2011 -
    atul singh chauhan
    Gyanendra Awasthi ji ko thankx , site ki jakari ke liye.........
  7. pankajbst
    03-01-2011 -
    hi..................frnds plz help me for expose cprruption
  8. shaheed.am007
    02-28-2011 -
    Hi.thanks for the request

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