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Thumbs up A Cursade Against Corruption

It Is Amply Proved That Corruption Is Institutionalised In All Arenas. Some Political Parties Are In The Habit Of Making Tall Promises Before Elections And After Attaining Power They Are Amassing Wealth In The Name Of Party Fund, Only To Face Future Elections And Also Making Favors To Their Vested Interests. While The Rulers Are Indulging In Corrupt Practices And Means, Their Lower Hierarchy Are Also Following Suit. Acquiring A Multiple Amount Of Money To What They Have Greased The Palm, They, By Their self-centered Policies Are Squeezing, Strangulating, And Plundering The Poor, The Peasantry, The Labor, The Working Class, The Common People, The Masses And The Common Populace.

The Vicious Circle Is Taking Roots And The Poor And The Down Trodden Are Made Helpless. One Person Can Not Contain The Menace. Each And Every Individual Should Think Over It For Doing Away This Hydra-Headed Evil.

1. The Electoral Process Should Be Cleansed. Election Expenditure Of A Nominee Is To Be Cut Down Considerably.
2. Individuals With Corrupt Label Should Be Barred To Contest In Elections.
3. Laws Have To Be Changed So As To Make Corrupt Elements To Come Under Vigorous Punishment.
4. The Practice Of Dowry Should Be Barred Which Is The Root Cause Of All Corrupt Practices.
5. The Donation System In Engineering And Medical Colleges Should Be Banned, As By This System Corruption Is Gaining Ground In all Circles.
6. Emoluments Of Employees Of Various Management Should Be Changed According To Price Index.
7. Educational And Employment Opportunities Have To Be Enhanced And Augmented.
8. Process Of License System Should Be Liberalized.
9. Powers Should Be Decentralized.
10. More Than Hundred Crore Rupees worth Purchasing Orders And Contracts Should Be finalise By A Team Consists Of Bureaucrats, and joint parliamentary committee.
11. All Government Policies Should Be Transparent.
12. Government Should Fix Specific Time Period For Each Government Service And Dealing Of Government Towards The Public.
13. A Permanent Number Code Is To Be Allotted To Every Person. He /She Should Quote The Code For Each And Every Financial Transaction.
14. All Loopholes In The Acts And Laws Of Government Should Be Plugged.
15. Higher tax rate encourages evading payment of taxes thereby abetting corruption, and loop holes in the tax laws. So tax rates should be reduced.
16. The System Of E-Governance Should Be Introduced in all government Sections.
17. Political parties should not accept party fund more than Rs. 1000/- form the citizens, and Rs.10000/- from the institutions and companies. Every year party accounts should be audited by election commission.
18. People’s Representatives Should Submit Their Assets And that of the members of their Family, At The Time Of Nomination. Every Year Accounts Should Be Audited By a Committee Consists Of Special Officers And joint parliamentary committee.
19. Measures For Population Control Should Be Taken In letter And Spirit And Efforts Should Be Taken For The Coming 25 Years Regarding Population Control. It Is To Be Seen That The Population Has To Be Controlled To 2/3 Of Population Of Which We Have Today For The Next 25 Years.
20. Conduct national wide Discussion on the loksatta proposed reforms, conduct a referendum, according to results take steps to amend the Constitution.
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