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social activist anna hazare s fast unto death
social activist anna hazare s fast unto death
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  1. amilatan
    I am strongly supporting Anna hazare for his indefinite hunger strike for Lok janpal bill,,which will make sure that a common indian will not have to run pillar to post in bureucratic govt offices for birth certificates till death certificates.I might not understand the intesity of Gandhiji's sacrifice,,,but living in d timeline with Anna hazare's noble aim for d people of present india, I do believe he has same pure heart as Mahatma had during freedom fight. Wake up india,,,atleast now,,its now or never,,,it took 50yrs to born another Mahatma,,,and there's no guarantee in next coming centuries,,if corruption goes free as it is,,dont expect Tata' to support d movement,,as they r kept busy in cleaning there own mess of 2G,,,neither do expect Tendulkar,,he is expecting his Bharatratna...its we common indians who have nothing to loose,,,just like Anna hazare,,,,
    I support Shri Anna hajare and Baba Ramdev Ji and all the people who are directly and indirectly supporting the campaigns. But I would like to say that you (Ramdev ji and Anna Hajare) are very precious for us, polluted leaders and politicians are nothing for us, we cant expect anything from them except corruption. Why is it so that the politicians and leaders are after these people after the anti corruption campaign? Why they want an account of property of these? i think each individual of this country donate 1 rs for this, they should have more than 100 crore of money, but what about these leaders? Where are they getting money from? From the poor people of India without any information......! why so called "black Money" is deposited in swiss bank out of country in the account of these politician? why none is asking for their property and their account? How did they collect al this? I want to say that if these leaders when asking for the account of property of Anna Hajare And Baba Ramdev, they should give their information first? Why they are sucking blood & eating money of these poor people? Where the Indian Money is going which taken (imposed) on the indian citizen in the name of taxes and others deduction. Why so much of money spent on the visit, travels, stay and other programs of these political leader? Who will give and take account of this expense? Where they got money from?

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