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: Aug 2011
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A humble Request to Civil Society Members

To all
Respected Members of CIVIL SOCIETY

Jai Bharat

I am all for Respected ANNAJI and a great movement led by him alongwith all of you against Corruption.

I don't know what is exactly going on between all our civil society members and Government but as the news are flashing that Govt. has sent the JAN LOKPAL BILL to the Standing Committee coupled with all opposition parties have stressed 'NO" to Government's Lokpal Bill (here Govt. may ready to withdraw its Lok Bill Back) please think over the situation in a way that Annaji must end his fast at the earliest.

This is true that MOVEMENT FOR STRONG JAN LOKPAL BILL to make BHARAT a CORRUPTION FREE Country has already achieved its goal to a great extent by showing a huge backing of Crores of people of BHARAT for a Corruption Free Country.

Let the Government do its homework for some time now and we will also unitedly approach to all MPs (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) individually alongwith all Chief Ministers of the country and try to take majority of them in confience for our Jan Lokpal Bill.

Respected all members, Sh. Annaji is a "priceless Gem for Bharat" and we should deal all these political people in their way.

These are my personal views. Although, I know I am nobody to write such request still as a sincere citizen of India and a follower of Annaji, I felt it and therefore making a request to all you.

I request India Against Corruption Admin that please forward this appeal to Civil Society if you feel it good.

Jai Bharat
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