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Thumbs up Is the Parliament supreme ???

For those who say that the Parliament (including all parties) is supreme, think about the following points:

1- This parliament has 4 ministers in Jail and 150 ministers indicted in criminal charges

2- The Parliament has not passed a single Private Member’s Bill in 43 years, 97% of the Private member’s bill have never been debated in the parliament. Anna’ team and the people of India have the constitutional right to ask for their version of the bill to be produced and debated

3- The Government was the last one after 6 years and 140 countries to ratify the UN Resolution {article 68 (1)} against Corruption, the delay showing complete lack of intention to fight corruption

4- The PM having promised that he would take steps to bring back the Black Money in 100 days before the last elections, has not only failed to do so but also found it unnecessary to even communicate or explain the reasons thereof

So Parliament is not supreme – the People are !

What do you say ???