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: Mar 2011
: Patna
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A tight rope walk

Now on, its going to be a tight rope walk. The negotiation has reached a critical stage and both the sides would want to tread cautiously. There is not much time to lose, nor is there much manoeuvring space left unless of the two give in. Having said that, it has to be made clear to all parties (team Anna is aware of it) that people are glued this time and are keeping track of what is going on. Pranab Babu should in particular be careful of what he speaks. His charges against the team Anna are not taken kindly because they are seen as dilatory tactics. He seems to be taking so many things for granted. We are not really relishing his diatribes. It is unfair on the part of the government to refuse to accede to the demand of televising the meetings when they claim to be clean on their side. What are they then afraid of? They do not want to be seen by people; they do not want to engage the members of civil society in an open debate and yet claim to be people's representatives. What kind of representatives they are when they are scared of facing people to answer their misgivings? And there is no gainsaying the fact that we are full of misgivings about their intents. If rated on the credibility scale of 10, they would not secure more than 2. It may be a tight rope walk from here on, but the government should not be blind to the rising aspirations of people who want to tackle this monster of corruption once for all. Jan Lokpal proposed by Anna Team will certainly go a long way in reducing the accumulation and concentration of ill-gotten money in some hands through corrupt practices.
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