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: Mar 2011
: Patna
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Fundamental duty

Problem with most of these ministers is--they have forgotten their fundamental duty. They have also forgotten that they are in the parliament because of the people. They are there to represent people's aspirations. It is only when they fail to perform as per the mandate received, people begin to question them and they are within their legitimate rights to question them on their non-performance. And there is nothing unusual about it. Every segment of society has to face this time to time appraisal of their performances. Self-patting has no place in democracy. And another problem is most of these ministers, especially our esteemed finance minister Pranab Babu, have developed swollen heads. They have a mistaken notion about their knowledge. They think they know the best and since the leaders in the opposition do not inspire much confidence, people from 'outside' have to intervene. Though I do not subscribe to the view of people being outsiders, yet it is precisely because of these outsiders that the government has taken some steps. Left to themselves, they would have gone on for years yet again. Women's bill has not seen the light of the day even though passed by Rajya Sabha. This is the age of competition where efficiency and speed are of prime concern. If a time frame is not given, government will not be serious. Anna is well within his rights to demand performance within a given time-frame. They were given a long rope already, but to no avail. It is because they do not want to pass this Jan Lokpal bill at all. Therefore, all these lame excuses. If they can pass their salary hike bill in no time without discussion and without any opposition, why not this bill? They are dilly-dallying on the issue because they know they have in their midst those who have bartered away the interest of the country and will go on doing that unless a firm check is put on them. If they really think they have a point to prove on this JanLokpal, why do not they accept the challenge of open debate in the full glare of public! Let them directly answer the questions of people who face the corruption in every walk of life. They say they debate it in parliament. We know the quality of their debate. They should answer people's questions directly like Anna and his team does every now and then.
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