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: Apr 2011
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Just thought of worthwhile mentioning it, not only the methodology, but some section of media and people have started questioning Anna Hazare ji credibility and linking him with some kind of conspiracy of even Sangh Parivar. I am happen to be a member of one Facebook group on Jan Lokpal, and i was amazed to read the posting there. One member questioned about his intent behind praising Narendra Modi and allegdely Raj Thakrey. Today, i somehow read two columns, First column in Business Standard by Sanjay Baru, former Media Advisor of Manmohan Singh and editor of Business Standard and 2nd in Economic Times editorial page by C.L. Manoj, amazingly, both sought to downplay this movement and criticized it. The one question which my mind couldn't resist was, "Is it just a conincidence that leading two business newspaper are coming heavily on Anna HAzare? God knows the answer, however, Having seen the collusion and nexus of Corporates, Politicians and Babus, through Radia tape leaks, it is not improbable that corporates start paying media for hate-mongering against Anna Hazare ji. Even Jan Lokpal have the potential to shut the door for many of so called Policy Research Firms, which were lobbying for a particular kind of policy to suit their patronage company. And, i envisage that these kind of policy research firms, with their vested interest, will try their level best to defame Anna Hazare ji to vandalize this movement.

So summarily, extent of entrenchment of society belief on Anna Hazare and briagade will define the success of this movement.
Sanjay Rai
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