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: Mar 2011
: Patna
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Very well said, Kumarp. All points well taken. My reservation is only on choosing of politicians. You or I do not have much of a choice. In the election system that we have, you or I hardly have a choice. We have A B C & D candidates. All are debauches; all are criminals. Who do u choose? If u r very duty conscious, you will choose the least corrupt. Ideally, you would have wanted to have a candidate of impeccable integrity. But you cannot have that simply because a man of impeccable integrity would not have enough money to fight an election and even if he manages money, he would not be able to give you freebees that an MK and a Jaya will give. So, let's make up our mind: after tackling corruption, we will set our course on election so that the likes of those that we encounter everyday in our life are weeded out at the inception itself. Tall order! But we must gird up our loins for that. Imagine, Dhoni hitting a sixer and getting crores and crores and our own Anna Hazare before whom even thousands of Dhonis will be a dwarf is squatting at Jantar Mantar to draw the attention of the government while Dhoni is felicitated by the president for bringing that World Cup that is not going to rid us of our miseries wrought by corruption.

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