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: Mar 2011
: Patna
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Do away with reservations altogether.

I am for doing away with all kinds of reservations, except of course reservation in trains,plains and restaurants etc. Reservations for jobs and admissions to various schools and colleges must be done away with. These breed frustration and division and nothing else. Instead, provide equal infrastructure for all to grow without any kind of discrimination at any level. Let all grow in an environment of equality. This is what was envisaged by the constitution makers. In our over enthusiasm we nullified it all by clinging on to this absurd principle of reservation that has contributed to raising of an army of inefficient and half-baked educated people. There is a need to give a serious thought to it. And so long as we cannot provide adequate infrastructure for all, the only reservation should be made available to those who are economically backward irrespective of caste and creed. Those promoting the causes of caste and religion forget the fact that 'we are all naked under our shirts and pants'. Our constitution too guaranteed equality and equal opportunities to all. Only the exceptions should be eliminated. No reservation at all. Let us all breathe in a free and fair society where there is no room for adjustments in the name of reservation. This is a breeding ground for corruption and inefficiency. We are paying heavily for that. And in order to create an environment conducive for free and natural growth of all, I suggest conscription for our countrymen. Country belongs to all us. Why then only some people serve it as soldiers. Let no soldier feel that he is dying for 'their' country. We can prove to be a better nation if we do away with reservation and implement conscription.
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