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  1. NCSinha
    05-15-2011 -
    Look at the gloat this government is indulging in even when there is no positive verdict in its favour! It got the thrashing of the worst kind in TN. It held on to the piggy tail of Mamta and got some seats. It got washed out in Karnataka, in MP, slapped in AP and bashed up in Puduchery. Saikia saved it the blushes because of his own positives. And these people are gloating. And look at the reward it heaped on the people by immediately raising the price of petrol. Is it a government that cares for people? It talks about subsidy that the government has to pay on petrol, diesel and kerosene. How about the subsidized food they get from the parliament canteen? Tea=1.00, soup=5.50,dal=1.50,meals=2.00,chapati=1.00,chicken =24.50,dosa=4.00 etc. Where else do you get things that cheap?
  2. Paras Nath Singh
    04-13-2011 -
    Paras Nath Singh
    This is the time when we must have unity in each other because these rubbish politician have started to break our unity and faith by giving stupid statements. to pass lokpal bill we must believe in Anna Hazare and each other.
  3. Paras Nath Singh
    04-09-2011 -
    Paras Nath Singh
    I am difinately sure that Mr.Shanti Bhusan and Prashant Bhusan will try to draft the most appropiate bill for corruption.

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