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  1. ss6471
    01-09-2012 -
    Welcome sir
  2. ss6471
    12-31-2011 -
    Happy new year sir
  3. ss6471
    12-24-2011 -
    Thanks fr accepting my requests n plz keep intouch sir so this movement can achieve the target fr wht we r wating
  4. suroopk1
    12-24-2011 -
    It is an honour to get a friendship request from you. In almost all the departments where the investigations can lead to adjudication and prosecution it is very difficult to complete any investigation where biggies are inculpated. In such cases the Vigilance Audit by LOKPAL can not only detect and make public the instances where the Standard Operating Procedure has not been followed but it can also detect the instances, where the higher officers have suppresed the facutual findings of the honest investigations and sent factualy incorrect reports to the CVC and to the Minister concerned in order to enusre that the sanction for proseution for and on behlaf of Hon'ble President of India is wrongly denied, thereby causing loss of revenue on one hand and subversion of the Rule of the Law on the other hand. In some cases the Investigating Officers are themselves victimised. This can be easily detected in any independent Vigilance Audit.

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