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Cegonsoft Java Jobs Assistance Program | Best Training Institute | Job Assured

IT industry is as huge as an ocean and for any fresher or a job seeker to make their entry .....

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Cegonsoft Java Jobs Assistance Program | Best Training Institute | Job Assured

IT industry is as huge as an ocean and for any fresher or a job seeker to make their entry into it is certainly a tough task if you are not on the right track. Cegonsoft has made an extensive research to learn the expectations of IT industry and our syllabuses are framed with that on grounds so as to make the entry or re-entry of any candidate a cakewalk. Cegonsoft provides two types of courses.

Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is the underlying technology that powers state-of-the-art programs including utilities, games, and business applications. Java runs on more than 850 million personal computers worldwide, and on billions of devices worldwide, including mobile and TV devices.

Contents of Java \ J2EE
• JAVA 2 JDK 1.6
• Learning the basics of JAVA
• Classes and Objects
• Object Oriented Programming with Java
• Basic Features of JAVA
• New features of JAVA Language
• Storing and retrieving Data with I/O
• Working with Relational Databases
• GUI Programming
• Improving performance with Prepared statements & stored procedures
• Developing Java Web Applications
• Java Enterprise Edition 5 L EJB 3.0
Contents of J2EE Advanced
• Struts 2.1
• Spring 2.5
• Hibernate 3.5
• Ajax
• Web Services
• Server

Why Cegonsoft For Java /J2EE?
Highly qualified and well equipped technical team to handle the Technology
Exhilarating placements immediately after training
Enthusiastic and energetic Software development team to absorb you based on your performance
Pleasing infrastructure and comforting ambience
Classes at your convenience
Extracurricular events on Saturdays such as Seminars, Group Discussion, and Personality Development class, Interview Tips etc.
Flexibility to opt weekend batches

For More Details Kindly Link To The Page : Java Jobs
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Python Training in Cegonsoft


Python is a general purpose programming language of high level scalability more emphasizing on code readability.
There is a world wide job opening for Python Technology as
It is very much suitable for large projects.

Python in Cegonsoft :

Cegonsoft is the only institute that provides Python training in
Coimbatore. Cegonsoft has three independent divisions consisting of
1) Software Training
2) Software Development
3) HR consultancy

The syllabus meets industry standards.

Training in Cegonsoft provide live project exposure.

Soft skills training is also provided along with the core technology.

Weekend batches are also available for working professionals.

Technical Consultants with more than a decade of experience in development.

Cegonsoft provide international certifications providing more value to the training meeting the industry standards.
CEGONSOFT PYTHON TRAINING | The Best | Good Python Training Institutes | Centers | Company | Portal in Bangalore | Chennai | Coimbatore | India
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