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Inaction of Police and their bias attitude.

Sir, I have registered two complaint Nos:4021000101001919 and 4021000101001923 with Dr.Kiran Bedi's website and have been trying to send .....

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Inaction of Police and their bias attitude.


I have registered two complaint Nos:4021000101001919 and 4021000101001923 with Dr.Kiran Bedi's website and have
been trying to send below complaint No.3 for the past several days but due to some problem with the website I couldn't send it. Please help me.

I am a resident of 426, Kedari Road, Camp Pune. Previously I had filed several complaints with Lashkar Police Station in Pune against my neighbor Mr. Madan Ranka and his relatives for breaking into my huose, changing my house locks and threatening and assaulting me.. Mr. Ranka runs a shop on ground floor while I am living alone on first floor of the same building.

On February 8th 2011, while I was standing in the balcony of my house, he entered my house with his relatives and some goondas and brutally attacked me. Not getting any positive response from Lashkar Police Station despite submitting my resident proofs and requesting protection, I applied for Police Protection on 19/03/2011 with the Special Branch of Police Commissionaerate. A month later P.I (Mr) Chaugule of Special Branch informed me that Madan Ranka has been booked under CrPc 107 Chapter Case and I don't require Police Protection and that I meed not fear him.

On 2nd July 2011, I informed Center St. Police Chowki as well as Lashkar Police Station that I plan to enter my house without protection as I was assured by P.I Chaugule of Specital Branch. On 9th July 2011 around 17:30 I entered my house from Ground floor entrance which leads to my house on the first floor. I noticed that my first floor door was locked. I sat on the wooden staircase inside my house premises with my fractured foot... Soon Madan Ranka's relative Laxmikant Kothari started threatening and telling me to get out. He was followed by some unknown man and Madan Ranka's son Anuj Ranka but when they saw me calling Police on 100, they left. Soon two police men on motorcycle arrived and took me to Center St. Police Chowki and later to Lashkar Police Station along with Madan Ranka and Laxmikant Kothari. Instead of taking my complaint P;I Madam Sushma Cavan told ASI to take Madan Ranka's complaint . I desperately tried to explain to her about P.I Mr. Chaugule's assurances about entering my house and the letter I submitted on 02/07/2011 with the Police Station but she would not listen to me and left. I have fractured toes in my left foot due to a recent accident and I was in terrible pain. I had to visit a clinic that evening to change dressing on my foot but I was told not to leave and was made to wait more than 3 hours at the Police Station. I had called people from Human Rights and the Press and two persons, one Mr. Kutchekar and Mr.Kasbe came. I told them about my injuries and pain but they advised me to wait for P,I.Madam. I was also made to sign some notice in Marathi which I dont understand and I was told that it was routine notice under section 149.

On 15/07/2011, I visited P.I (Mr) Chaugule of Special Branch and told him about this incident. He told me to go and meet P.I Rane of Crime Branch at the Lashkar Police Station and ask him to call him.. I met P.I Rane who told me to go to Police Chowki and register a N.C. When I went to Chowki, P.I Madam was there. She refused to take my complaint but said that I could submit a letter. . In the past also police has ignored my genuine complaints but have registered Madan Ranka's false complaints. It seems Mr. Madan Ranka is managing police and I request that a competent and unbiased officer of your department should look into this matter.

Sir, I am a 65 year old senior citizen with all the proofs of my resident which I have already submitted with Commissioner's Office as well as with ACP's office. I have recently registered with UID Card and need to be home to receive and be home for verifications of any other documents such as Pasport, SIM Card etc. I am also suffering from the injuries I received from a recent accident. I also suffer from diabetes, frozen shoulder and arthritis and cataract. I therefore request you to provide me with a Police man urgently for my safety to enter my house.


Usman M. Khan
Mobile: 9890054838
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