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: Aug 2011
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Nitish reducing Bihar self respect...

Nitish won't even be left CM if he parts away from NDA. This guy is trying to be larger than his size. Nitish talks about we are Bihari first, Narendra Modi says we are "Indian First". Nitish talks about Hindu and Muslims whereas Narendra Modi says "India First". Nitish says give us Special Status and we will grow with leaps and bounds whereas Narendra Modi just moving forward without asking anything from the Central Government. The difference is between the attitude, Nitish begs and Modi Creates. Nitish complains, Narendra Modi creates.

Why Nitish bagging and reducing Biharis self respect... Instead he should try to attract industry and investment... People of Bihar are responsible for remaining backward since they allow foolish Lalu to rule (or ruin) the state for 15 years... and so the people of UP allowing Mayavati and now SP... unless these states will not choose any of National party they will not progress...