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: Oct 2012
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Mr Sanjay,

I believe that you have put very valid points forward. All of us are struggling in our lifes to achieve excellence and do not concentrate much on whats happening in the political world around us.

I case of Black money in real estate i believe that it is much to do with the capital gain tax. Say you buy a property for 10 lakhs and in one year it rises to 20 lacks. now you havea profit of 10 lacks, and have to pay 30% on 10 L (i.e. 3 L) ; if youtake black money 7 Lacks, you end up paying just 0.9 L which can again be manuplated in the tax returns. Now i belive that the governments are also aware of the same and need to take spets.. THE FINANCE MINISTRY ....

Now the question arrises how ??????????????

Umang Gupta