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Eshan Diya
: Dec 2011
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Memories are shortlived. Remember Bhoodan Movement initiated by Acharya Vinobha Bhave in April 1951.
Within six years 1.9 million hectares wascollected. Over the next two decades the movement took shape of a law; “Bhoodan Act” and put in Government charge for distribution from this Land Bank.
The movement transformed into Gramdan (village in gift) Movement, under which the whole or a major part of a village land was donated by not less than seventy percent of the residents for equal distribution amongst all the village residents. Tribal areas were major participants in the Gramdan movement. The Movement died but the land bank remains!
In past decades the Government has distributed around 971,000 hectres of Bhoodan land amongst the landless. Many people could not take over the land (possession) as influencial people encroached upon their land. Thus more than 931000 hectares is yet to be distributed. This land information must be made public by the Government. The Government must distribute this land to housing, industrial and other projects rather than acquiring farmer’s land.
Without verification the possibility of lands being utilized by unauthorized persons cannot be ruled out.
To streamline the system in 2007, the Centre set up National Land Reform Council with the Prime Minister as Chairperson. But unfortunately it has NOT even met once.
Source: (Down to Earth October 16-31, 2011 Issue)
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