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: Jun 2011
: patna
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Corruption is inside. It is not outside. You can not have both things. I will keep my greed but my representative can not their keep greed. It is hypococracy. It is about conscience. It is about character. How can lok pal bill eradicate coorruption if corruption is latent in you in form of your greed. What is the gaurantee that the boy carrying the flag on the steet will not fall to lure of lucre if he becomes a paliamentarian tomorrow. Go inside. It is about unexplored right brain. It is about ancient systems. Balance your left egoistic brain with selfless right brain. An unbalanced populous can not have balanced representatives.
Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na milya koi, jo dil khoja aapnaa, mujse bura na koi.
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