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: Apr 2011
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Angry One more thing to be added

A normal middle class government servant has to accomodate every week / very frequently

1. MLA Visits to his town / village
2. MP visits to his town / village
3. Counselor visits
4. Party visits, etc., etc

And has to arrange for their accomodation, food and everything.
That does not only stop with above persons, but extends to politicians, their party men, etc., etc.,
The above men get reimbursed producing bills for their stay and everything, but will not spend a single penny from theirs to reimburse, but impose them on the government servants ultimately leading to corruption.

For the normal public, it just seems like Government employees are corrupt. But ultimately they are made corrupt because of above mentioned. This makes even good employees also to get corrupt, since with the salary they get, if they have to spend on the above things, they cannot afford them.
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