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Joining of Politics by Youth as Career

It is now enough to see the ruling style of last 64 years of independece by the major political party .....

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: Jan 2013
: Balangir
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Joining of Politics by Youth as Career

It is now enough to see the ruling style of last 64 years of independece by the major political party leaders.
So I have my opinion, that youth must take over the charge of ruling and join in the politics and choose it as their career.

You can change the system what we except.
It can provide a gurantee pension after five year term.
So in every five year you can provide lots of guranteed pensionable employment at state assemblies and lok sabha.

Now calculate how many job are going to be vacant.

So I am requesting it to all should think it seriously and once it should be announce at media, then you can feel the heat in indian politics where major political party leaders may loose their identity and mental stability.

With regards

If my suggestion will be taken I am ever grateful to you.
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: Apr 2013
: heaven
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to sir kejriwal
i really appreciate everything u have done in your fight against corruption and i also want to help u in your great work. these are my views regarding you and your work .there is no doubt that whatever u r doing will help india and its people but there r some weakness in your ideology and thinking which are creating problen in your way . no doubt you r totally unselfish , simple and very nice person and u have many more such qualities which i can count to prove that u are one out of millions but sometime being more good than enough can be harm us and your problem is the same that u r much more good , nice and foolishly idealistic person than u should be if u really want to change something on practical grounds because ur kind of person born just once in a centuries and i feel that u could do much more if u could see the real world without those stupid gogles of idealism . sir i want to say that we are not purely spirtual beings ,we r humans and we are not supposed to be that much good if we really want to do something on practical grounds . sir you r kind of person who think more about principles , what is right and wrong ? , what is moral or what is good or evil . no doubt these qualities which shows our spiritual side but u are crossing the limits and this is adversely effecting the practical output of your work .for example if now u r saving 100 lives then being little more practical u can save 1000000 or more and is is a fact . you are playing with rules but those bad guys dont have any rules . i m not saying that u should become immoral but one thing i am very sure that if u dont start caring about the practical output of your work than u would not earn any thing other than pain for you and your family ( i m sorry but this is what i really think) let me help you to clear your few doubts
1.what u think: all indians(humans) are equal
reality : we are equal just in books of laws but in reality we are all different and you cannot treat everyone equally you can ask this question from any psychologist .some person are intelligent but other are foolish, some people have more good qualities because they inherit those qualities from there parents or because of there environment and some are retarded and feeble minded because of the same reasons so sir i want to say that nature dont think that what is moral and immoral this is nature who is not fare and who dont treat everyone then how can your kind of wise person can expect same kind of wisdom from every human being .
2. what u think : because common people are victims they must be good one
reality : being a victim ,poor does not mean that those people are are more moral and better than those who are rich and in power but reality is very different . if a person live his/her life in pain , troubles and hardships then his /her problems turn him into more selfish more immoral person because these are poor people or common people who suffer most .
that is why we cannot expect moral behaviour from those poor indians and that is why crime rate is more in our poorer states than prosperous . so the main idea is that u should not worry much about good and bad but you should worry more about the practial significace of your work
3.what you think: i am proud to be good ,moral person and flawless and i am helping m country
reality : whatever you are and whatever good qualities you and your personality have ,all credit goes to nature because of which you inherit such good qualites and the social environment which help you to be such a spiritual and nice person but but now only thing which is going to be count as your is your will to really help the humanity
4.what you think :strategy which work 60 year ago will work today
reality :circumstances in our country is not the same like it was 50-60 year ago please dont be to insane to think that your nonviolence policies will work in today time
my suggestion
1. never overlook the bad side of the people you are supporting if humanbeings have good qualities like honesty , love , peace then every phuman also have bad qualities like selfishness, anger, violence and we cannot deny it.
2.killing one person is never bad if it can save millions( its just an example that sometime if being little immoral can help in greater good than then nothing is more better then this little bad
3.if religion can be used as weapon by other corrupted parties then why cannot you use it for welfare of other.

in the end , sometime we beleive that we are doing everything perfectly in the way an ideal person should do but we are totally wrong .


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