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Open Leter to Prtesident of India

To Shreemati Pratibhatai Patil President of India Subject: Amendment of Lok Pal Bill Respected President, I hereby put my concern .....

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: Aug 2011
: Mumbai
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Open Letter to President of India.

Shreemati Pratibhatai Patil
President of India

Subject: Amendment of Lok Pal Bill

Respected President,
I hereby put my concern in your kind consideration, about the current turmoil and agitation for the suppressed and neglected people lead by Anna. Indian people still are enduring all the pain of the labor which was promised to be eradicated by the so called democracy as a tool and was assured to remove poverty, ignorance, disease and inequality of opportunity within them, so that everyone can dwell.
Our heart brim with pride and dignity when we think of our past history, but now our eyes filled with tears and sorrow when we see the scarcity of food, medicine and other commodity for common people. While the warehouse are over flooded. Corruption is repressing Indians, keeping them uneducated, disengaged from the fundamental rights totally unprotected and exposed to show their spirit against terrorism, which in true sense is only one face of corruption.
Since 64 years almost every Indian is being callously drive in this fumes of corruption to experience the slow death of so called freedom and the adventure of prosperity, all this is elusive. At this juncture the only ray of hope and wisdom to see the dawn is the lok-pal bill produce by team Anna. The common notion of every citizen representing democratic India is being raised which I consider as big initiative.
I expect you must grasp this truth and should respect this initiative by which all came together and had outdistanced the difference between each other, which from long time been nurtured by this political bigwigs ,if they succeed in decentralizing this movement now, it might create moral and emotional bankruptcy to fight against this tyrannous ,dictatorial and corrupt mechanism. If you feel deeply about the injustice committed to the people you will be the part of this revolution.
I believe this bill is a decent provision for common man to live there dream “The Great Indian Dream” for which our hero of freedom struggle had given great sacrifice. This bill covers the every corner of the public psyche canvassing there expectation of an Idol Lok-pal Bill with stringent laws and adequate provision to punish corrupts. If you observed carefully you will realized the tendency and approached of the government against corruption they used all possible methods to deny, delay or destroy the right of common people and totally fail to provide the justice.
They are using constitution as shield, because they are confidence on the post Mort-em they had done of the society , first by scissoring the progress of education for everyone campaign and injecting the division policy on basis of caste, religion. which resulted in lack of rationalistic approach to amend the constitution for the betterment of people . Considering the situation the soul of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar must be very sad because after giving and impeccable vehicle in form of constitution, the politician has failed to propel the nation on the path shown by Bapu to build the noble mansion of free India. This politician has taken this vehicle in altogether different direction with corruption as there driver.
Believe me Bapu along with us must be felt cheated and must have realized that this is the same mechanism used by British to rule us, now only the chassis has changed from British Raj to Political Raj. Lok Pal will be the check post, where possibly we might able to dismantle the corruption out of this mechanism.
Let us create an India of our dream. I am confidence that if you can gather the courage to ride along the jet, than now is the time where you can and have to imperatively gather the courage to get this bill Passed and be an immortal part of Indian History. Mrs. President you have our great army behind you, you can take judicial and media at your both side and ask the government to get withdraw their bill and along with apposition get the Jan lok pal bill( By Anna) pass in both the houses while rest other bills of Mrs. Roy and J P associate can be considered in future to see if any amendment is required, because at present it will only hamper the process and complicate the situation. Please believe this is quite possible for you on ground of judicial amendment, public consensus and your authority also for betterment of democracy and for the future of India you have to do that.
The whole nation and the whole future of this great nation will be proud of you,., I in particular will be deeply obliged for the same all my life.

Yours faithfully
Praphull Bhabal

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: Aug 2011
: Delhi
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I hope she once she will get a look at your post and will do something needful which is required at this time.

"We want a corruption free India"
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: Aug 2011
: delhi
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Hi folks,
Why you people are after the politicians.
Which other way we have to earn, to get our dal roti. Please spare us. We work for the country and you call us corrupt. I guarantee that none of the politician is corrupt. Anna is misleading all of you.
Jai Jagat
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: Aug 2011
: Lucknow
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Now here is the voice of a politician.... 100% sure .. or may be your congener...

Dear Mr. moderates. Either you do not have eyes or you are an ostrich burried your neck in the ground.

Although I shouldn't complain...
There are always peoples like U.

There were betrayers for the rani of jhansi, for azad, for many others...
But belive me... your community is minority at this date..

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