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Sharad Pawar hits back at Anna Hazare

Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar Wednesday hit back at Anna Hazare for justifying the recent physical attacks on politicians but .....

: Oct 2011
: Chandigarh
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Sharad Pawar hits back at Anna Hazare

Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar Wednesday hit back at Anna Hazare for justifying the recent physical attacks on politicians but appealed to his partymen to refrain from violent retaliation.

In a statement here, Pawar said though he was pained by the vituperative statements by Hazare on his blog Tuesday, he would appeal to all his followers and activists of the Nationalist Congress Party to deal with the issue "maturely" and without indulging in any form of violence in words or deeds.

"By supporting the physical assault on me at a public function, Hazare has given a new definition to the concept of 'Gandhism and non-violence'," Pawar said sarcastically, referring to Hazare's oft-repeated claims of being a Gandhian and believer of non-violence.

While Pawar asserted in his statement that he had no objection to Hazare expressing his views on him (Pawar) or his (Pawar's) actions, "if any further physical attack takes place on me, it would be amply clear from where the instigation or encouragement for such acts emanates".

Despite Hazare's allegation on his blog that Pawar has "an old habit of protecting corrupt people" and one should "consider why Pawar was attacked," Pawar appealed to his followers and party activists not to resort to any form of violence.

Dismissing Hazare's allegation that he had given protection to corrupt individuals as per the Justice P.B. Sawant Commission of Inquiry report, Pawar pointed out that the probe report has not made any direct or indirect reference to him.

Besides, Pawar said all the ministers indicted in the inquiry have already resigned.

However, he said he found it strange that "no action seems to have been taken on the issue of maladministration and corruption mentioned in the Justice Sawant Commission report regarding Anna Hazare".

Source~The Times of India
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: Dec 2011
: Mumbai
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Sharad pawar sit back 'n' think

Sharad Pawar must take out some time in solitude and replay his journey of life in his minds and immediately he will get the answer for why he was slapped and also put a few more questions like a)why it did not happen for so long b) why only a Slap c) why only one slap d)why only one person and not the entire mob et al... How many people with such humble beginnings have amassed so much wealth, what were his qualifications that earned him this kind of salaries and the posts he occupied in his life. In his path there might be people who may have become victims of his politics along and also millions of Indian citizens and farmers who have become beggars share the rage with Harvinder Singh. What was wrong in Anna's statement because he is also a part of the millions of Indians who have been cheated by the policies and politics of Pawar. I won't be surprised if he blames the media tomorrow for encouraging the public to slap him by repeatedly showing the video clip. They forget their past misdeeds quickly like their election promises and believe that they are holy men of great moral character and preach us.
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: Aug 2011
: Kanpur UP
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Well said brothr n keep writing nthanks fr coopration
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