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TV Channles and the agitation

The Times Now channel’s virtual boycott of the movement, and the shrill negative tone of its anchors while talking to .....

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TV Channles and the agitation

The Times Now channel’s virtual boycott of the movement, and the shrill negative tone of its anchors while talking to or about Team Anna members is shocking. Shows how unfairly powerful the big media houses have become today. I am sure 90% of the viewers hate the attempts of leading anchors to trivialize the efforts of Team Anna, and attempts to equate them with corrupt politicians – whose efforts to sustain the corrupt system is glaringly obvious. The common man is just not fooled. Instead he is deeply frustrated and feels betrayed by the media. The ego and arrogance displayed by leading anchors is scary, and shows the power they wield today. Their moral standards are only marginally better than our corrupt politicians. The coming together of these forces is ominous, and shows the sort of challenge the common man in India faces, if he has to change this corrupt system. NDTV, CNN-IBN, and a majority of the print media have all decided to sideline this movement and project it in a very negative light. This is a dramatic shift from last year, except in case of NDTV, which has always been blatantly pro-congress.
Only Headlines today channel seems to giving a fair account of what is happening with the movement. I gather from certain reports that this time a significant number of people have come from rural India – which must put some fear in the politicians. However, without support from media, this movement is going to face an uphill struggle in the days to come.
On the positive side though, I have no doubt that the ‘surviving’ and ‘new’ supporters are mentally prepared for the long haul and to try and stay the course. There is also no doubts whatsoever that this movement will have a huge impact in the 2014 voting patterns – irrespective of how many people gather at Jantar Mantar. There are millions who are rooting for this team, and identify completely with their cause – and feel deeply anguished by how the corrupt system is dealing with them. Politicians and media moghuls who are working against this movement will have to either turn around soon and change their positions completely, or face severe unpopularity.
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