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Arrest of 2G Spectrum Queen- kanimozhi

Arrest of Kanimozhi is an interesting development in the history of corruptions in our country. it is a silver line .....

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: Apr 2011
: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Arrest of 2G Spectrum Queen- kanimozhi

Arrest of Kanimozhi is an interesting development in the history of corruptions in our country. it is a silver line in our dark sky which helps us to be a bit optimistic about our system, be it judicial, parliamentary or executive. It is true that "Every society will get a Government that they deserve". It is also a fact that around 70% of our peoples are illiterates; a majority of them are toiling for their daily bread and butter. Good clothing is still not an easy task. A good shelter and a reasonable health care are pure luxury for them. Ladies in our remote villages are destined to walk miles to get a pot full of potable water. Every census tells us more disturbing facts and figures. It can be about population explosion, poverty, malnutrition, children mortality and so on. What is the wonder if such poor peoples of ours were easily deceived by a TV set or a six meter long saree piece. The constitutional right has become a tradable equity which is bullish only once in five years. Is this the biggest democracy of the world? Is this the one for which our forefathers dreamt about?.

Here arises a loaded question. Who is responsible for all these? Who can stop all these? Brothers, We have some responsibility. Because we were not cautious and vigilant in the past.

Dears, Let us prove that we deserves for more. We have to be more vigilant, cautious about those powers of darkness. “Each one of us has to educate at least 10 ignorant or illiterates” Swami Vivekananda had told us. Swamiji also told us “Or else I will call you an anti national”

We shall strengthen the hands of Annaji who is the embodiment of the ideals of our Great ancestors. He gave us a new dream. A new light. Let us don't curse the darkness and try to light a candle.

Jai Hind.

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: May 2011
: farrukhabad
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Dear Brother,
I m satisfied with u and Anna ji both. But Anna has not any political stand and also don`t want to come in politics as i know about him.Brother at this time our country is in big emergency about the corruption.And at this time a good politician is needed for reducing the corruption and for making our system healthy.We are responsible for all this and have responsibility to correct all the faults in our system. And we only correct it by coming in politics. At this time our country need a good politics system and we are responsible for this.
Ham baten chahen jitni b karen desh ko sudharne k liye par desh ko sudharne k liye hame chahiye ki ham desh ki raajniti me aayen aur use sudharne k liye karya karen. Bina raajniti me aaye ham kuch nahi kar sakte. Ye sabse bada sach hai. yuvaon ko chahiye ki desh ki raajniti me hissa len aur apne sujhao aur prayas se desh ki raajniti ko saaf karen.
Maine ek nayi raajnitik party join ki hai aur main desh ki raajniti ko sudharne me atyant prayas karunga aur apne aage ane wali pidi ko sir utha k jine ka mauka dunga.Hamari party corruption aur bad system par work kar rahi hai aur ek din ham desh ki raajniti ko sudhar kar hi rahenge.
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