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: Oct 2008
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maa ka doodh pia hai toh join us ...hai himmat !

Dear Indians ,
Reservation is an obsolete concept .
But because of vote bank politics ,our government will never pass a bill against it .
So ,lets make the government pass a bill ,that entitles the general category students to avail a no interest ,long term loan to all general category students to study the same courses in which they were denied admission elsewhere in other countries like usa,canada,australia,uk ,japan etc .
That would be a real equaliser .
Education is our basic right ,So is right to livelihood .

I am a doctor from the most elite institute of medical sciences,delhi.
And i am a NRI now ,Non Required Indian ,in the presence of present quota system,our country does not require sincere doctors ,researchers etc .
So I implore upon my fellow young indians to threaten the government by
If u read Mahatma Gandhi's "my experiments with truth ",
you will foresee what i am trying to do .

Its a non -violent means of protest where we all get together ,contribute funds for this cause ,make a strong organisation which has following objectives--

1 helps general category meritorious students settle abroad .
2.protests by boycotting government services .
3.only choosing mp/mla who are anti -reservation.
4.form a new e government system comprising best brains of india,intellectuals .
5.If all our efforts failed ,we shall all migrate to a new no man's land ,but with our power of numbers ,brains,determination.

LET US FORM A NEW COUNTRY of intellectuals which is away from india and thus retain our identity .If u want a concrete change -
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