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: Dec 2013
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dear Mr acma.rajugupta a comment: mere allegations are not a reason for anything politics. politics is a very rigid field where people tend to stick with their opinions and opinions very strongly. even a person who is very influential and politically correct might not be able to get any results in politics because the people are rigid. in other words if you are saying pm or any other alleged politicians should just leave their posts because somebody said that they are corrupt its unfair, besides they are ellected because majority of the people think that they are the right candidates for the country, on the other hand if someone for example i have a problem with a certain politician i should have some very strong evidence, keep in mind it should be a proper set of evidences which might do the work
i agree with MUKESH GOYAL that financially it is not possible for poor people to live in expensive colonies neither it is government;s responsibility
but it is the responsibility of the government to remove poverty by ensuring quality education , removing corruption and providing enough opportunities accessible to everyone so that people could be able to stand on their feet.