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: Oct 2012
: Perth, WA
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Question Why our Industrialists are pennypincher towards charity??


Our wealthy people are great, they don't want to spend any thing for community.

As we have seen Bill Gates and Warren Buffet they announced and spending large sum of money towards community but what happened to our top guns like Tata, Birlas, Ambanis or LN Mittal, what they are doing for community.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet organise parties in India and China for charity purpose, our wealth people even don't like to attend these parties.

Shame on them!

Hope during this festival season and after such a defame they got after IAC announcement, they will promise themselves towards community.

God please give money to correct people.. they don't deserve this..

Wish you all a very happy dipawali.

JAI Hind
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