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: Oct 2012
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Dear Mukeshji,

In democracy and welfare state if financial capabilities are the only criteria then there would have been no subsidy for the poor s and poor people had no money so to breath in this country would be dream .
Bread , Cloth and House is right of all the citizens. After all these VIP areas like Lutyens' Delhi are build by tax payers money from all over the Country. It is build by forest products which belong to the Adivasis .
So how can we deprive these poor people from living in VIP areas. If they had less or no money then government of the day should built houses for them in VIP areas . After all government built houses on the outskirts of cities , then why not in the main area of cities? Afterall there is no differentiation of one land from another land for government and god. It is the countrys tax payers money which is used to develop VIP ares like Lutyens' Delhi. Either make whole cities developed in same way or allow poor s to love there.