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kompella sarma
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: Aug 2012
: Mumbai
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blamed for destroying institutes and parliament democracy.

From more corners, we were blamed for destroying institutes and parliament democracy.
Thru this thread I want to build some counter argument, so this will help our representatives to build case and counter in media.
1. We are showing some things not working in right direction from some institutions is it destroying.
2. Many times many parties stop parliament procedures, is it not destroying of parliament democracy.
3. They yell and blame each other with bad words; many times we see they remove from records in parliament, then what it is.
4. Some political govt interfere into bureaucrats and make them not to work or do something wrong then what is this called.
5. They make bandh and strikes on personal reasons and allegations on their party individuals or etc.
6. They use investigating and other agencies for their own purpose, is it not destroying institutes.
7. They pay money to gather crowd for some purposes is it not destroying democracy.

Just showing how things are working in current situations with some proofs, called as destroying institutes.
Please add more points...