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1)he should be idealistic, i.e. follow ideals of truth, love, generosity etc
2)should be rationalist,:- should be able to define right and wrong on basis of need and importance of any situation
3) should be a follower of any religion: believer of god
4)Should br forgiving not forget full
5)should be able to undrstand the need of time
1)minimum 10+2,+ language fluency(english+hindi+vernacular)
2)know how of politics, science ,commerce and state affairs,
3)knowing of economics also plays and important role
4)criteria should not be based on only passed students bt also for those who have appeared bt were not successful in obtaining the degree
5)for a graduate,in addition to above
*awareness of current affairs
*ability of applying concepts and theories into practises
*should be socialy acceptable person
6) for a post graduate
*should have read ancient, medieval and current history of India From origin of Aryans,Indus Valley civilization to current history after independence
*should have read auto biographies of great influential people from all around the world
*should know Practises of Communism, Fascism,Republican, Democratic etc
*should be able to interelate all section and dimension of society,I.E Working class, service men, Business mens, Professionals, and their role in making and development of India.
*should be able to interpret facts and figures in order to understand the problem and devise its solution
*should be of learning nature
*should learn from all religions and accept virtues from all of them
*should be a very good listener(important< most people just hush of)
*should be living simple, contented life
*should be ambitious and must be patriotic(important,Our current POliticians Lack Patriotism)
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