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pooja gupta
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: Aug 2012
: Manila, Philippines
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Hello all !

I adore how far we have come since the beginning of the movement last year...I pray that the leaders of IAC stay united and do not fall prey to the tactics of the ruling govt. .....all they want to do is to break u all up ....I think it was a very sound decision to enter politics because till the time u r a part of the system, nobody will give a shit( sorry for the word ) ...I have been following the movement very closely since last year, though could not be present in person to support the cause, since I am currrently in Philippines, but nevertheless I really want to help in whichever way possible coz i think the current government has got to go....the corruption, the uninspiring and non-genuine leaders - I wanted to disown our PM after his terrible speech yesterday...

Looking forward to corresponding with u all ....

Jai Hind !
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