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i totally agree and t do also feel agitated about it. I have always tried to contribute my bit and shall continue to do so as i go ahead. I fell happy that we have finally the emergence of social movements for the right cause but at the same time equally or more sad about the fact that these movements are not getting the kind of support they should get from the educated India. At the same time the political class is getting stronger and stronger as the evil in the night. Annaji and Ramdevji movements have to come togather and fight unitedly. We probably need to create more and more martyrs who will be ready to sacrifice for the cause in this non violent struggle. Coming back to the Pranab, I feel quite dejected and agitated by the fact that he is most likely winner of the presidential race. I only pray that conciousness prevails among the voting classes on the voting day.
apart from this two member team member of Anna are also helping him to fight against corruption. This team is doing great job.
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