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Tikam Patni
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: Dec 2011
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Team Anna or Core Committee is confused because it has gone wrong from the outset in it's strategy and tactics.

1) It allowed the initiative of people's crusade against corruption to get hijacked by officers and politicians by insisting on packaging it into a paper document called Jan Lokpal Bill . They did not realize that this document will ultimately be drafted by officers and passed by politicians . Hence to have it their way, they will have to play Holi with them with borrowed colors . While coloring them, they will also get colored.

2)They also didnot realize that while Karnataka boasts to have a very strong Lok Aukta bill and Mr Santosh Hrgde has been a very strong Lok Aukta, the state of Karnataka stands number one in the corruption index in India. Hence so what if you have a strong Jan Lok pal bill and a strong Lok Pal to head it. Thus the whole movement got devalued.

3) They also didnot realize that while Lokpal is supposed to be a "watchdog" over officers and politicians, who wants a watchdog. They wan a "Paltudog". Hence all the drama.

4) Once forced themselves into the dirty political arena, where they are ill equipped, they ignored the absence (Fast II) and presence (Fast III) of Sonia Gandhi from the scene . She is an undisputed Leader of Congress and UPA and it is not just like that ??
She is an expert in turning the tables.

5) Lokpal howsoever strong, will come into play only after corruption is complained about. But what about prevention of corruption? Citizens have to get their job done for which they have to pay. Excessive Governmental interface with citizens is the root cause and less Government not more Government is the solution. Go after reducing this interface.
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