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Current reservation system-a political tool

Our current reservation system is nothing but a political tool. We, especially our brothers/sisters who belongs to reserved catagory and actually needed reservation, should not be in daylight dream that it is a tool to eradicate castism from our country. Our politicians from all political party patronizing it because they know it very well it is the only way to retain the social evil castism in our country. Our politicians are supporting the reservation system for last six decades because-

1. It will help to retain the castism in the society.

2. As long castism is there politics for the 3rd grade politicians are more easier.

3. It will weaken the administration.

4. Corruption is very much easy in weak administration.

5. If people are busy on cast fighting, they will not raise question for govt. failure.

and so many others.

We(especially the reserved catagory citizens) must understand that current reservation system is not helping the actual downtroden people. People leading high class livelyhood are taking the facilities of reservation.
Should a person, from a family where there is one or more family member is having job in officers catagory , get the benefit of reservation. In current system he is getting the benefit depriving the actual needy one.

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