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Rightly said , there is no need to act ostrich anymore as this has actually created the face of present corruption infested india.
I know so many people whom I encouraged ,to no avail, to contest election as independent candidate. I now realize if only 20% of political professionals (Netas) were dedicated to the casue of serving the nation things would have been different.
Still not much is lost, lets create a social group on here and give it a thought.
In order to bring about change only retaliation is not enough ,to have a complete turnaround we also need to hit the nail on the head rather trying to pull a slanted nail out.


Exactly Subodh.

I'm all for you idea for creating a social group and discussing about this. I might not be able to join politics right away, because I'm still continuing with my studies, and as I said, I cannot become a COMPLETE CITIZEN (sounds like borrowing from the Raymond Man...the Complete Man...HA HA..) without EDUCATION, but I feel we'll at least be able to put forward our views to the more Capable of our Knowledgeable Population (Anna's think tank, and a lot of the people that I've talked about earlier), and they could use them if they really find teeth.

A Caveat Though : I'd not really be able to be a Big Participant in that group rightaway, since I've to focus a lot on my studies, but then as I cover and complete them, with time I might be able to make more meaningful contributions to it.

Thank you for your contribution to this post. It gives me immense sense of relief to find one more of the very few Indians I see around me thinking on Positive, Constructive Lines.

Hurling Verbal Brickbats at our Netas is very easy, but Participating in Our National Processes is tough. That is what will actually test, and decide, our Eligibility to ask for and deserve more of a better nation.

Thanks once again. And Yes - Congratulations on Our Victory in the First Round of the Anna Battle!

Wishing You all the Best,

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