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A March to Protest Corruption-A beginning to revolutionary action for Society in India

I participiated in March yesterday from Bandra to Juhu with more than one lakh people.It was a lifetime experience and I proud to be part of this movement!!!
It was great to see patriotic environment and greetings by people who were on roads….everyone who was in march or were passing by were chanting Vandematram and Bhart Mata Ki Jay!First time in life saw that People marching with more then one lakh people giving way to let pass an ambulance without any problem….
People are participiating with their family-son,daughter,wife.It surprising that people are comming to participiate at their own..No one is asking them to Join!!!
A Great Movement-Truelly can be called Second Independence Fight by Indians across Globe.
People are fasting and protesting not only in Cities but also in Villages and Remote rural areas!!!

India Against Corruption Movement-A patriotic movement by all Indians
Be sure that its just starting …This Bill is very important milestone steps required to make our country a better place.Among many other steps as discussed by so many, I have choosen a few but Last one’-Are we Really Patriotic?’Last one is most important,Please check it out and respond to its query-

Public Delivery System
We have to start payheeding about our leathargic Public Deleviry System to which Millions of common people interacts in daily life.

Education System :
We have to work on oue Education system Model which was started by British…We have to place our own education system delivering our own needs not of those who left country but majorty of us still work for companies (which have majorly their investment or have been started by them i.e anyhow Fruit is reaching them in some or other Form.

Caste Based Policy Model
We have to work upon our Caste Based Policy Model and have to Change it to Need Based Model for betterment of our and comming generations…

Are we Really Patriotic?

Will we show same unity then also?Will show this patriotism then also knowing that it is right or will bend to what these corrupt and earlier greedy and thief ruler forced in our mind.
But Above all,We all are proud to be part of this movement and thanks all of you to initiate such aGandhian unique Gandhian way of Protest which let made us value and power of Gandhian Values and Principle.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat
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