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Thanks for replying. I think most of the people think that taking bribe is their right. Some people don't take bribe but they are ready to bribe others for their work because if they don't bribe them, their work will be delayed for the life time. The latter one is very hard to eliminate. Most of the Govt. Employees and other people are giving much value to money. If they are able to build good and expensive apartments in the cities and if they have a bank balance, they are successful. But, very very few people are able to accept the notion : living with inner righteousness, inner peace and without corruption.

I spoke with some of my friends who take bribe about all these things. They said that it's very hard for them not to take money when one person is offering. I am sure that until they understand that life is not money but money is useful for meaningful and righteous life.

Nevertheless, we have to try to eradicate corruption in a well-planned and organised way.
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