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: Oct 2009
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The fate of an honest man

A gentleman and complete honest man retired from a post in govt. office where money was floating over his head but he didn't fall prey throughout his service span. Because he was not taking bribes, he was not allowing others too. The result- He was suspended 2 times on flimsy grounds and his pension was delayed for a year.
After retirement, he moved to his village for a clean and peaceful life. An electricity pole in front of his house fell in the storm. To restore that pole, he approached the concerned office but disappointed when asked for a chai-paani to restore the electric pole. He approached every higher-ups but his work couldn't be done. Finally, he lodged a complaint in a local consumer court. It has been 6-7 years, he is still frequenting consumer court. No need of telling further that he lives in darkness as on today. Had he paid Rs 50-100, he might have saved a lot of money spent on frequenting consumer court. Now it is up to you to conclude if corruption can be removed or reduced from India. I do not intend to discourage the people who are involved in this movement but?

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