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: Apr 2011
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Ya reservations should be removed in india

In current situations all the so called reservations candidatures are well settled and still why they need .
main backlog:

1.for example : in india non-reservation candiate got 40 marks in any competative exam
and reservation candiate got 20 marks, the pathatic situation is the one who got 20 is getting is job instead of 40 marks he/she.

reservations has so many loopholes, and these polictial leaders are carrying it further and people like us are sitting idle
my views:

1. all backward classes are on and avg equal to rich and some to middle class of course they are some families still how are in poor condition same way in other castes also they are below avg and poor , and so many people in india unable to continue there studies

Things to implement :

1. Remove reservations for people (any caste) who is beyond 3lakhs per an-um. or should remove for government employees who are in stable job.

2. Reservations should be given to people those who are poor , reservations should be given only for education purpose, and if student showing gud report it will continue otherwise he /she is not valid for this.

one and only solution:

non reservations candidate should strike for months, i mean no work nothing, no studies and all then things will change.
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