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  1. J R Mohan
    08-03-2012 -
    J R Mohan
    New Imperatives for Anna.
  2. J R Mohan
    08-03-2012 -
    J R Mohan
    Three days ago , through these columns only , I had urged that Anna should form a party because the major changes being sought in the conutry's polity and governance can not come on the strength of fasts. More so when the political class of this country sees a danger to their existence in the demands put forward by Anna.
    The voices which are reacting to and taunting at Anna's decision to form a new party are farcical . There is no denial from the fact the present form of country's democratic set up needs a change so that people's voice is heard and the elected representatives in the Parliament and state legislatures do not become totally apathetic to people's aspirations and difficulties.
    Team Anna has now to build up a party to fulfill people's aspirations . They need to remain united , speak one voice only and find out right people across the country for Anna's party has to be totally different and unlike the various political parties which are there today in the main stream of the country.
    J R Mohan.

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