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  1. vijayghorpade
    05-28-2012 -
    While thanking Anna Hazare for the anti corruption movement, I would like team Anna and Anna to talk as one, while team Anna wants the PM to be included in the list of corrupt people, which is correct, as the PM is always mum on all the corrupt practices that go thru his office, and if he so declares himself to be honest he should have quit his office long ago. While Anna Hazare declares the PM is Honest !!!!

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    mithlesh johngray123 : Suggest a name for Anna's Political Party
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  2. sunil_mishra
    sunil_mishra johngray123 : "Reservation is one of the root cause of corruption and governmet failure".
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  5. johngray123 : Can able to will win annaji party during election?????????????
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