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  1. Paras Nath Singh
    04-13-2011 -
    Paras Nath Singh
    This is the time when we must have unity in each other because these rubbish politician have started to break our unity and faith by giving stupid statements. to pass lokpal bill we must believe in Anna Hazare and each other.
  2. NCSinha
    04-09-2011 -
    Dear Mr. Paras Nath,
    Question is not whether they will draft most appropriate bill or not. The bill is already drafted and most of us have already gone through the contents thereof. It has 33 or 34 sections and is well drafted taking almost everything within its ambit. The bill will have to be approved by the entire committee that comprises of ten members including five from the government side. These members will oppose it tooth and nail as they have done this far. The real battle will start now and we shall have to apply moral pressure not only on our own group but also on the government that has been dithering over this issue of corruption long enough. Even now most of those who are opinion makers are unhappy with the development that Anna Hazare, and not they, has succeeded in eliciting a notification for formation of a committee that is going to draft the bill. Watch out for more developments. You may rest assured, these politicians are not going to easily lay down their arms. They have not taken kindly to their their being labelled as servants of people by Anna.
  3. Paras Nath Singh
    04-09-2011 -
    Paras Nath Singh
    I am difinately sure that Mr.Shanti Bhusan and Prashant Bhusan will try to draft the most appropiate bill for corruption.
  4. abhi486
    03-25-2011 -
    ...thanks sir for adding me. i do support this battle against corruption in india but my views are smwhat diferent......i dnt think that fasting(as what respected anna hazare ji is doing), protesting against it,demanding laws frm govn. etc. can eliminate it frm our country.
    As per me, india is again in the same position as it was 70-80 yrs back. that time india was suffering frm external threat,and dis tym it is internal.
    india again needs an AZAD HIND FAUZ....india needs a team of dedicated and true patriot's(coz patriot khne k lie to sab hote hai,par paisa dekhte hi sab kuch bhul jata hai)..
    india needs a team,particularly composed of youths,from differnt fields....who dont get moved for their fight against this monster...
  5. Paras Nath Singh
    03-24-2011 -
    Paras Nath Singh
    Dear Mr. negi

    I have said that all the excutive powers should given to judiciary bcoz govt. is doing noting govt. becomes shameless all the work is done by SUPREME COURT in the relation of corruption. It is the fear of SC that CBI is going to filed chargesheet against A.RAJA. now take the example of MR PJ THOMAS it is the risposibility of PM to appoint that who is purely honest in discharging his duties. but at last SC has to interfered and appointment of THOMAS is declared void. in the case of black money all work is done by SC what is centre govt. is doing govt. only hide the name of blackmoney holder. as far as concern with our mistake to vote that man who is not proper for sitting in parliament. we have no option to vote. In my view there should be a right to recall.
  6. NCSinha
    03-24-2011 -
    Dear Mr. Negi, I am aware of all that you have said and that is what is the theme I have harped on. I wonder if you were responding to me or to someone else. Nonetheless, I am of the view that blogs provide a platform which can work as a launching pad. I also believe and practise that its not just a fight against corruption that we are fighting, or let us say, we are pretending to fight. It is war against corruption that we have launched and a war is not a one-day affair. I am clearly aware that it is going to be a long drawn one and I am ready for it both mentally and physically. I adopt no short cuts. You too think along that line and that is great. I am sure there are many like you and me who think along the same line. There is no reason why we should not succeed. If Egyptians can get rid of Hosne Mubarak without shedding a drop of blood, why can't we by following the likes of Anna Hazre, Baba Ramdev and others who are in this movement. I am sorry, I could not live up to your expectation of writing in Hindi. Let language not be a barrier.

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