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Dr Vinayak Sen: Better off in Jail than Released?

An Open Letter to Mr. Mark Thompson- Director General, BBC World Service Dear Mr. Mark Thompson, I am writing this .....

: Apr 2011
: Bahrain
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Question Dr Vinayak Sen: Better off in Jail than Released?

An Open Letter to Mr. Mark Thompson- Director General, BBC World Service
Dear Mr. Mark Thompson,

I am writing this letter so that you will get it honestly translated by Mr. Amit Barua: BBC Hindi Radio Chief and also share it with Ms. Nikki Clarke.
Dr. Vinayak Sen ko Ram Jethmalani dwaraa bail dilaanay kay BBC Hindi Radio news say yah ‘shat-pratishat’ saabit ho chukka hai; Dr. Vinayak Sen Maowaadi kaa pakka himaayti hai!
Kyonki, Ram Jethmalani = CRIMINAL of INDIA who knows only to support criminals as he is also sponsored by well known absconding UNDERWORLD CRIMINAL of INDIA- Dawood Ibrahim.
Can anyone in India or BJP deny this fact?
Why is BBC Hindi being An IDIOT and fooling the HINDI SPEAKING public of the WORLD?
Why did BBC HINDI JOURNALIST spend 34 days with Maowaadis and give them publicity through BBC HINDI RADIO? Only to gain public sympathy from HINDI LISTENERS FOR THE MAOWAADIS?
Why was Rupa Jha and other journalists of BBC Hindi Radio praising the "salutation" of Maowaadis?
This is 100% proof that BBC HINDI RADIO team is “pakka” “DESH DROHI” (SEDITIONISTS )?
Now Dr. Vinayak Sen’s life is in “REAL DANGER” through his own criminal lawyer- Ram Jethmalani who has now helped him in the “Naatak” of getting him released from Jail only to now make him a “Bali-ka- Bakraa” through Ram Jethmalani’s dearest friend Dawood Ibrahim who will hire “Supaari” Killers; Vinayak ka “Game Bajaanay kay liye”! Just like Benazir Bhutto got killed to win sympathy votes for "Mr. 10%" to rule Pakistan!
Within a week, BBC Hindi Radio is now promoting Ram Jethmalani because his “Bali-ka-Bakraa” has changed from Anna Hazare to Dr. Vinayak Sen so that BJP can win the next elections against the current “CORRUPT” government.
The truth about risk to Anna Hazare’s life by Ram Jethamalani has already been made public well before time.
Can anyone now save Dr. Vinayak Sen from getting killed by the corrupt people surrounding him? He was much safer in jail for protecting India’s innocent public- This is the harsh truth.
BBC Hindi Radio is continuing to give publicity to this eye wash campaign.
Therefore BBC Hindi Radio program should stop immediately forever unless BBC Hindi Radio takes responsibility to be honest, clear and transparent in its intention of reporting news to PROTECT INDIA FROM CRIMINALS AND CORRUPT HIGH RANKING WHITE COLLAR GANGSTERS !
God Loves Mahatma Gandhi’s Spirit and Truth & Non-Violence only and so do all the helpless Human Beings of Gandhiji’s dream.

Seasons’ Greetings for Holy Easter to you and the entire team at BBC World Service.

My communication is always intended to save human lives and protect Truth!

AQ ki Badi-Akka-Bua
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