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Stop Paying TAX

Good chain of thought from everyone. But let's start off within the legal limitations and not avoid tax. Let's at .....

: Should we stop paying TAX?
Yes, we should stop paying taxes to the corrupt govt. 31 36.05%
No, this is not the right solution. 45 52.33%
Can't Say if this will or won't help. 2 2.33%
I have my own opinion. Please read... 8 9.30%
: 86.


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: Aug 2012
: Dallas, TX
: 48
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Good chain of thought from everyone.

But let's start off within the legal limitations and not avoid tax.
Let's at least stop paying BRIBES. Do not pay bribes yourself, discourage family and friends from paying bribes, and if you see anyone paying/ taking bribes, make an utmost effort to stop that/ report that.

Even if 10% of the population takes this oath -I am sure it will snowball and reduce the bribe culture significantly.

Bribe exists not because people demand it -But because people like us PAY it. Anyone paying bribe is equally responsible. No If's and no But's. Each of us has some reason/compulsion we can sue as an excuse, but the buck stops somewhere.

People like Anna Hazare and his team have awakened this spirit -let's keep us alive by following the above suggestions and take an oath to not bribe, and try utmost to prevent anyone giving/ taking bribes.

Jai Hind.


Lets stop paying tax to avoid filling pockets of corrupt people. This will wake up the Govt, as soon as possible!!
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: Aug 2012
: Hyderabad
: 59
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Let us be constructive

Non- payment of tax is like digging our own grave, we are not paying taxes to congress, BJP or any party, We are paying taxes for ourselves, The issue is How to make the paid tax used properly. this is really not question to be put in first place, please don't side track the movement, We should be cautious in words and deeds, any thing un lawfull will be/can be used as weapon against the movement to derail.
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: Oct 2013
: Secunderabad
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I want to say that we should actually stop paying taxes & this is the only way out. In this country of corrupt politicians and useless administration, there will always be a loophole for such men to escape. That will always be in the name of law and order itself!

I would say that instead of arguing with them when it is only going to fall on deaf ears, the corrupt politicians in India should be caught and shot at sight with machine guns, 100 bullets each.. Then they be dumped inside a building which has been fortified by nuclear bombs. Then the building has to be blown up to ensure no one is alive. Then finally throw them at the wild animals in the forests so that at least they do one good thing of their life...feeding the animals!
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: Jan 2014
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Instead of stoping paying the taxes, we should the politiicians what they did in the respective consituencies..
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: Sep 2018
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